THIS, is what it’s ALL about (Read testimonial below).
It is more than just quick results.
It’s a permanent lifestyle change.

In 15 weeks:
✅ Down almost 50 lbs.
✅ Over 30 inches lost
✅ Increases in strength & energy
✅ 100% online coaching

Member, client, and now friend… Jodi is a true testament to the word CONSISTENCY. Stay the course, stay positive, and never lose sight of how far you have come. Keep your eyes on the target, overcome small hurdles along the way, and trust the process.

“After years of wanting to lose weight, I always made an excuse for myself. The beginning of this year, I decided this was my year. It took me a few more months to actually make the change, but I finally did it. I felt intimidated and nervous. I realized this was a lot of what was holding me back. Taylor greeted us at the door and instantly made me comfortable. Just a natural motivator and down to earth guy. I faithfully started making “going to the gym” part of my day but it only lasted a little over a week and then the gym had to close down. I really felt lost because I was already feeling the difference and was worried I would fall back. I reached out to Taylor online and we started our fitness journey from there. I say “our journey” because Taylor has been by my side since day 1. We did everything online. I sent videos of me doing various physical activities and he gave me individual workouts specific to me. We established eating habits and goals. I recorded my measurements and weight to him and we did different check ins throughout each and every week. It truly is amazing what accountability can do. I found myself pushing even harder because I knew every Sunday I had to give him my weekly progress and weight. He prepared me mentally on my lifestyle changes. This was a big one for me. I was losing inches and could see the changes in my body, but the weight wasn’t moving much. Taylor kept me motivated. He told me the weight would come and not to read so much into the number on the scale, but on how I was feeling. Finally, the weight began coming off at a more continuous pace. Today I am down almost 50 pounds. Taylor has taught me this is a lifestyle change. He has taught me this will not happen overnight. He has taught me that my body needs to adjust to the changes in order to maintain the weight loss long term. He has helped me establish those lifestyle changes. He has me managing my meal portions and macronutrients, monitoring my workouts, monitoring my water intake, sleep and even self-reflection. I find myself with so much energy now. I have “dieted” in the past and felt weak or had cravings...I don’t experience any of this with my new lifestyle change that Taylor has set for me. I have no doubt I would not be where I am today without Taylor’s help. His constant positive energy and motivation has been a driving force for me. He has corrected things along the way that I was clueless on. When I have questions or concerns, he actually explains the process to me so by the time our conversation is done, I feel more pumped than ever. When we began this journey he asked me to tell him my goals and what motivated these goals. He really made me stop and think. It was about me, it was about my kids and my husband, it was about how poorly I felt about myself. I ended up with a long list. I wrote this journey today for others. Maybe you are feeling like I did for years and need that extra push or encouragement or the ability to overcome your fears. I hope reading this will give you that push to reach out to Taylor. He truly just wants to help people become a better version of themselves! I have never felt better and I will never go back to the old me. All things that Taylor got me to believe in and trust over this process. The biggest thing Taylor taught me was that I could do this and here I am...finally doing it! The road is long yet, but I clearly see my end goal. Thanks a million, Taylor!!! I couldn’t have done this without you!”
Jodi J.

CONSISTENCY. There are no shortcuts. There is no secret. There is no magic pill. Only consistency and discipline.

"Taylor was an amazing coach, he was always so helpful whenever I had any questions about the change in the diet or why we were going to change something. He knew what he was talking about and explained why he made the change. "
Noah R.

It is more than just quick results.
It’s a permanent lifestyle change.

Long time member, client, and great friend… Eileen Wheeler!

Eileen is a ROCKSTAR! She has been 100% dedicated since day one and she NEVER gives up. Health and longevity have become and remain her # 1️⃣ priority 💪

To date:
✅ Improved energy
✅ Increased strength
✅ ## Down lbs.
✅ ## Inches lost.
✅ 100% online coaching

" I am so thankful for you and the time you give me!! You always help me back to a positive mind set! I absolutely couldn’t have kept going without you!! Thank you so much for helping me believe in mind!"
Eileen W.

TRUST the PROCESS. Stay the COURSE. Small CONSISTENT steps compounded over time = LONG lasting results AND habits.

“When I first went to Taylor I felt defeated with the way I looked and felt. Then, Taylor created a plan that was personally designed for me and was achievable. He checked in once a week and made sure I was on the right path. Now, I feel more confident mentally and physically. Thank you Taylor for helping me with my own personal journey! “

Great, GREAT job Bella! 👏 #TaylorTrained

“It feels so good to be getting back into a routine! The accountability and assistance not only with workouts but diet/macros (which I struggle with most) has been fantastic. I am very happy with how everything is going and feeling (not only seeing) results keeps me motivated. I am definitely developing lasting habits! Thank you Taylor!”

Amazing work Olivia! 👏 #TaylorTrained

What is stopping you from reaching your goals? What are you struggling with most?

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✅ Program Design
✅ Nutrition Coaching
✅ Adherence & Accountability
✅ Goal Setting
✅ Results

It is more than just quick results.
It’s a permanent lifestyle change.

I walked into the MSU Pavilion on Saturday morning and realized I was walking with almost no effort! It was amazing! I struggled through the January challenge at Fit Physique and had to have Taylor’s help to making it a bit easier for me, like having a couple days between my 12,000 step days and only doing 12,000 instead of 15,000 for the last two. I also had to walk with a cane.
Backtrack 10 years…I had necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh eating bacteria and spent 4 months at U of M and had 20 surgeries. I had a 1% chance of survival the first 2 days and was never supposed to be able to walk or sit up unaided.
I had been a horse trainer and judge prior to getting this disease. Unable to ride effectively any more, judging became my passion. While judging the US Arabian Nationals in 2021, I realized I had developed foot drop in my left foot, I already had it in my right, and was unable to walk across arena dirt. I was crushed and started my quest to get back surgery which took the next 5 months.
They basically gave me little hope for relief from the pain or the foot drop, both of which where preventing me from judging. I ran out of physical therapy around the 1st of August in 2022. My physical therapist suggested Fit Physique and Taylor to continue on my road back to the show ring. At first I was skeptical, but left with little choice, I decided to try it. I knew Taylor was a former body builder and felt he wouldn’t have the desire to work with some one as limited as I thought my ability was.
Wow, was I wrong! In the beginning my progress seemed slow to me but Taylor celebrated each and every small victory I achieved. Even more importantly, he ALWAYS set me up for success. As I began to get more comfortable and looked around at his clientele, I realized that many of his clients were older and he gave each person a routine that fit them perfectly always encouraging the little victories.
In December I had a show to judge where I would be on my feet at least 12 hours. I felt I wasn’t prepared and almost backed out 2 weeks before. If I took the job and appeared slow or crippled I wouldn’t get hired again. It was a high profile show, so I didn’t want to fail. I got through it and was pretty sore for a week or so and realized I wasn’t doing enough walking to build the cardio I needed.
I decided to try January challenge at Fit Physique not thinking that I had only every had 10,000 twice since my illness. It was a bit brutal toward the end and the last week I keep thinking, I can’t finish this, I just can’t. I then wished had asked Taylor to help me set more realistic goals for myself. I reminded myself that I am not a quitter and I asked for a little help from above and powered through. When I finished my last 12,000 steps on Saturday I realized I was going to make it, cane and all!
I felt really accomplished but was slow for about a week. I talked to Taylor about setting some new goals to keep me going. When I walked into the MSU Pavilion feeling like I was walking on air! Could these really be my legs walking almost pain free??? Why yes they are!
It has been a pleasure working with you. You have knocked ALL of your goals out of the park! Keep up the good work 💪
“It’s so much easier working toward something when I have to check-in with you every week to hold myself accountable!”
-Jessica S.
Let’s get it! #Goals